Leeds Rhinos star hits out at NRL chief over his Magic Weekend frustrations

The Magic Weekend was born in Wales at the Millenium Stadium in 2007.

Though it is coming to an end in England soon due to the proposals of IMG recently, it is still growing strong in Australia in the NRL who adopted the concept in Brisbane in recent years.

However, their concept is now to be rivalled by the AFL in Australia who are arranging their own Magic Weekend for 2023.

This has left Peter V’Landys planning to ambush the event in Sydney according to the Daily Telegraph who also reported that he said: “It doesn’t worry me in the slightest. We’ll actually use it to our advantage.

“It’s a good opportunity to promote our own game to a new audience they’re bringing into town.

“We’ll give the fans from interstate the chance to come and experience the greatest game for all while they are here.”

The publication also claimed that they would use the event to boost their own advertising in Sydney whilst V’Landys also claimed they were copying their idea:“They are copying Andrew Abdo’s idea and that’s actually flattering.

“For us it’s an acknowledgment of how well we’ve done in Brisbane.

“Every idea is only as good as it’s implemented and Andrew and his team have done it magnificently.

“Can they do it as well as us? That’s the question.”

This seems a bit hypocritical seen as though they copied the idea from Super League and this has prompted Leeds Rhinos star Blake Austin to hit out at V’Landys.

Blake Austin, who will be taking on Castleford Tigers in the 2023 Magic Weekend, took to Instagram to say: “Fighting over AFL copying them, you copied Super League, calm down.”

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