Leeds Rhinos star hails “new chapter” and different training methods including strange new method

Leeds Rhinos are well and truly back in the swing of things in pre-season especially as the club welcomes back its star players including vice-captain Ash Handley who has been back in the mix this week.

The star winger is a key player for the Rhinos and has opened up on pre-season training on the club’s YouTube channel:

“It’s been a good week, been back for four or five days. Good to be around the boys even though a lot have moved on, there’s been a lot of staff changes. I’m enjoying it.”

He described it as a new chapter as the Rhinos stars enjoy very different pre-season training including gymnastics:

“Yeah it does feel like a new chapter, like I say a lot has changed and we’re doing things a bit different this year so it feels like it’s bit of a new place. I’m enjoying doing different things in training, been doing a bit of boxing and even a bit of gymnastics.

“I don’t know whose idea it was, but I’m enjoying it.”

It remains to be seen whether this new chapter, the first full chapter penned by new coach Rohan Smith, will lead the club to success and whether gymnastics will play a part.

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