Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow and his wife, Lindsay, open up on the devastating impact of the MND diagnosis

He has captured the hearts of people up and down the UK, but Rob Burrow is determined to carry on.

Since his Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis back in December 2019, Burrow has been at the forefront of the campaign to fund research into the horrendous disease.

Alongside him, is friend and former teammate Kevin Sinfield who has raised over £5 million in two separate fundraising efforts, with a third planned for later this year.

For Rob, however, the hardest part about living with MND is not being able to look after his three children, Macy, Maya and Jackson, by himself.

He told ITV: “The hardest part is not being able to have the kids on my own, especially Jackson. He has no idea how it feels to be alone with his dad.

“I am thrilled with the front cover of my book because it shows me carrying him and that is massively important to me.”

His wife Lindsay has been Rob’s rock throughout the awful time, but she too is being positive about the situation.

She said: “I think to be told that your husband and father of three children has a year-to-two years to live, which is what we were told back in December 2019, is absolutely devastating.

“But Rob’s still here and he’s still got a smile on his face. He’s still defying the odds. He won’t give up until his last breath.”

Ahead of the paperback version of his book Too Many Reasons To Live being released, Rob also gave an update on his health, stating: “I’m feeling mighty fine, I’ve not felt any worse for over a year. I’m getting used to being as I am now. I’m used to my routine and I’m a professional TV watcher.”

In fact, Rob is taking his professional TV watching to a brand new height, asking his Twitter followers to recommend him a comfy chair!

Burrow tweeted: “I think it is time that I get my own chair for my professional TV spectating. Is it a orthopaedic chair or something like that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Rob.”

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