Leeds Rhinos legend Kevin Sinfield apologises for hilarious moment on live TV but says it helped raise money

As Leeds Rhinos legend Kevin Sinfield ran seven ultramarathons in seven days, he raised plenty of money and awareness in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease in the name of Rob Burrow, he made further headlines for a pretty bizarre moment live on BBC.

That’s because he was seen having to stop on “Kev cam” to urinate at the side of the road proving the legendary figure who has gone above and beyond in the fight against MND is human after all.

As he reflected on the challenge, he apologised for the moment but believed it helped raise more money: “I’d hope they would stop using the world relief because I’m not sure what people think about that. It was one of those things, I’m only human. If you had had a camera following us for all seven days, you’d have seen a lot worse.

“I apologise to anyone who is easily offended but I was out on the road a long time and because the amount of liquid I was told to drink, I needed the toilet.

“It is what it is, I think it helped spread the awareness a bit more.

“It’s one of those things and so be it.”

He also explained what it was like completing the challenge and giving people hope:

“It was really tough and a difficult challenge, but when you’re with such wonderful people and meet so many incredible people on the way and they’re so happy to see you, we had an opportunity to provide hope to a community.

“MND isn’t incurable, it’s just been underfunded. To be able to generate the awareness and the funds have made for a wonderful week for all of us.

“I think you all understand what Rob means to us, but it has become much wider than that. The UK came to support us, they have done for the last two but not like that.

“For the MND community to come together and some of them it’s a chance to grieve together.”

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