Leeds Rhinos’ Kruise Leeming bares all about the upsetting loss of his father and his motivation

Kruise Leeming is well known for the physical and tough way he plays rugby league.

Having made a name for himself at the Leeds Rhinos following a period at the Huddersfield Giants, the hooker has gone from strength-to-strength.

On the back of a stellar 2021 Super League season, Leeming made the Super League Dream Team, but it hasn’t been a straightforward life for the Eswatini-born maverick.

“I lost my father at eight years old, he was a jack-the-lad and a man’s man,” Leeming told Snipbit.

“To have a son, the amount of time and investment he put into me and the love I felt was overwhelming.

“For me to be his first born, a boy, we had so much in common and he had such a massive impact on the way I am today.

“I have learnt so much, from 0-8, I’ve looked into psychology and my mum is a teacher, so we both know that from 0-8 kids learn a lot.

“That was a massive challenge – my mum was pregnant with my sister so we went from having two parents and one child to one parent and two kids.”

Leeming revealed that his mum had stern words with him when he used his dad’s passing as an excuse to be naughty in school.

“I was playing up as a kid and my mum said ‘don’t you dare use your dad as an excuse to be bad,’ she wasn’t having any of it and it was the best thing she ever did for me.

“I used the bad experience as my dad passing away, the things I learnt and the way my mum brought me up after that with no excuses has shaped me to be who I am today.

“I can almost say now that anything that happens to me now won’t be as bad as that.”

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