Leeds Rhinos’ Harry Newman makes bold injury claim and explains unique approach to comeback

Harry Newman is one of the most exciting players in Super League but also one of the unluckiest.

This is what made him the ideal guest for Sky Sports’ brilliant new show Super League in the detail in which Jon Wells dissected what makes Newman so effective at centre for the Rhinos as well as addressing his injury woes which has seen him cop three hamstring injuries in 2o22 after a double leg break in 2020.

Speaking on the show, Newman opened up about his approach to injuries and how difficult he’s found 2022: “It’s been a tough season for me personally. It was a tough start, suffered a hamstring injury and that alongside the team performances and I’m suffering another one at the minute.

“Rehab is going really well, I’ve been to see another professional advisor that specialises in those injuries and I’ve started my rehab and thrown myself 100% into it and looking forward to another challenge.

“It’s not a nice process to go through. Every athlete would like to be on the field 100% of the time but unfortunately that’s not the case.

“For me I’ve dealt with it quite a few tough injuries, a double leg fracture that probably set me up for these smaller injuries that I’m suffering now.”

So, he’s seeing a specialist but interestingly he’s also working with a mental performance coach in a unique way of handling injuries: “I’m working alongside a mental performance coach who helps me a lot off the field and my performances on.

“I basically started working with Emma since the off season and I’ve been working with her ever since. Working on minor details where I can pick up one percent, probably things you wouldn’t hear like meditate and keeping cool.

“It’s the little things that matter when it comes to a big injury.

“For me the leg break I took it as a challenge, and I think that’s what you’ve got to do. It’s how your bounce back and I think I will again from this.”

This led into a discussion about whether Newman would be fit for the World Cup. He didn’t write off a return before the end of the Super League season but was determined to be fit for the World Cup.

He said he was “100%” an international centre saying: “I think I’ve got the ability to do that. I take players on, I know I have things to work on still probably more so defensively.”

He then went on to say he’d be fit for the tournament and will work hard to be ready for the competition: “If I look at myself, that’s where I want to be on the big stage and hopefully I am fit for the World Cup.

“I am 100% going to be fit for that World Cup and Shaun Wane knows that I’ll do everything I can to get into the best shape possible.”

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