Leeds Rhinos fans hilariously proven wrong about Brodie Croft transfer

Leeds Rhinos fans were certain that the club were set to announce the arrival of Brodie Croft from from Salford Red Devils in a specific way.

Throughout the day, the Rhinos’ tweets spelt out B-R-O-D with Leeds fans expecting the next tweet to being with I and thus near the completion of the word Brodie.

But instead it was an S with the club revealing their squad for the women’s Grand Final.

Leeds fans were initially delighted at the squad as they prepare for a big game but soon it dawned on them that the Brodie Croft predictions were false.

One fan said: “Hahahaha all waiting for the ‘I'”

Another joked: “Rohan’s taken over the Twitter account.”

One simply said: “Noooo” whilst more asked “where’s the I.”

One fan joked: “They’ve bottled it” whilst another jokingly booed.

“This is not an I” was the remark of one fan whilst others joked “Brods confirmed.”

However, the signing still seems set to be confirmed.

Gary Hetherington said: “Well I would normally say that we’re always interested in top quality players and certainly he is a top quality player. He’s the current Man of Steel and has had an outstanding time in England.

“So yes, we would be interested in such as him, and indeed a few more as well.”

Asked if they were in talks, he said:

“Well, I think you know me well enough to know that I don’t divulge confidences, and so we don’t normally comment on speculation as well. But we are very active in the market, both at home and abroad and have been so for quite a number of months now in that respect.

“We’re quite close to actually putting together the squad that we believe will be an outstanding chance of succeeding next year.

“So yeah, there’s plenty going on, there’s plenty of plates that are spinning and to answer your question, Brodie Croft is a player that we’re showing an interest in.

“He’s not here today, no. Nobody’s seen him, have they?”

Leeds have already signed Lachie Miller, Matt Frawley and Mickael Goudemand for next year.