Leeds Rhinos could face complaints from locals

Leeds Rhinos have faced a difficult season in 2023 which reached a peak with embarrassing defeats to Wigan Warriors and Catalans Dragons.

The club are used to being the big boys in Super League and the most successful sports team in the city.

But the Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket could face complaints from the locals due to the parking situation around Headingley.

This is according to West Leeds Dispatch. At a meeting locals will be able to voice their opinion.

This will be the least of their troubles as they prepare for 2024.

Rohan Smith spoke about this lately: “It’s difficult and I respect the fans for keep turning up and keep singing. I respect that they’re disappointed as well on the overall season, as we all are. We all live and breathe it every minute, every day. All we want to do is do well for the club and we’ll be fighting back next pre-season, that’s for sure.

“Lots of review this week. Staff have got a full week of it, it’ll probably be the hardest week of the season for the staff to debrief and to get forward planning.

“The players will have a debrief later in the week individually, medical and that stuff. That’s important, a really important week for us this week.

“Then there’s a bunch of recruitment that’s going on in the background to get those last few spots signed off and then the planning really starts which to me is a really enjoyable and fun part of the season. No matter how this season finished, getting the next one prepared is something I love to do.

“There’s probably three spots I reckon, depending if there’s any other movement amongst our roster.

“Next year is a new year just like this one was, based on whatever happened last year, but there will be a different team next year, there’ll be some key positions that are different, so that will take a bit of time to click.

“The core of the group is there and the future is in that academy group and the kids coming out of the scholarship this year, there’s a bunch of dudes that are going to play a lot of Super League there so we’ve got to get the top part right next year and get ourselves a good position to strike.”