Lee Radford says there needs to be changes made “from the top to bottom” of the club to compete

Castleford Tigers have had a look at what the best team in the world looks like.

They were beaten 24-6 against St Helens this afternoon despite having plenty of chances to beat the Super League Champions.

They squandered them showing the difference that currently exists between the Tigers and a return to the Grand Final.

When asked about what the Tigers need to reach the level of St Helens, coach Lee Radford said that the club needs changes top to bottom:

“There are so many changes that need to be made right across the club for that to happen, from top to bottom.

“They are an elite club and it can be a struggle getting to that. Everything from junior scouting to talent pool, the drop out they get from Wigan, the fact they can get players from Widnes and Leigh and they have an incredible system behind them.”

This came as he said his side failed to execute the game plan:

“The plan we had was get down field and kick from a good place in the field and not have to kick from deep but that penny didn’t really drop.

“The plan was to play expansive and try and get down field and like I say kick in a good position and not have to kick from deep.

“The plan was that we didn’t have to score every set but when there are thousands of people cheering you on, you can get excited.

“We didn’t see too much ball because of those errors, we would make a break and then let them attack us on our own line. A funny old game.”

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