Lee Briers has his say on controversial Josh Charnley try

Warrington overcame Leeds by the slenderest of margins in a rip-roaring fixture, but one moment hit the headlines.

It was Josh Charnley’s try in the 51st minute; Brad Dwyer had seemingly held the winger up, but video referee Robert Hicks awarded a try because on-field official Chris Kendall sent the effort up as a try – despite evidence to the contrary.

Warrington assistant coach Lee Briers said he agreed with the majority view that it wasn’t a try, but argued for a rule change.

“The referee gave a try, if he says no try then it doesn’t get given, but we’ve had them,” Briers said.

“I don’t like the rule but it’s swings and roundabouts and we’ve had them this season where it’s gone up as a no try and it is a try.”

Briers, however, believes the victory was deserved in the end.

“I thought it was a really entertaining game, it was a case of who was going to grab it by the horns and take control and neither team could do that.

“Just at the end, we knew we were still in with a chance and the boys fought really hard for one another, so I think it was deserved in the end.”

The Wolves’ assistant was also more than happy that it fell to new signing George Williams to win the game with a great drop-goal.

“He’s a fabulous signing for the club, a real clutch player.”

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