League Latest: Austin’s future takes new twist, clubs considering legal action, SL side could be in dire financial trouble & latest coaching casualty revealed

League Latest – keeping you up to date with the latest news from the world of rugby league. Here are some of the headline-grabbing stories from the last 24 hours.

Walmsley best ever?

Alex Walmsley has been named – by Serious About Rugby League – as St Helens’ best signing in the past decade.

Leeds in for Austin

Leeds are set to secure a deal for Blake Austin, Yorkshire Live has reported.

Charnley slams Lam

Josh Charnley has taken to Twitter to show his displeasure with Adrian Lam’s comments following Jake Mamo’s try, Serious About Rugby League has revealed.

Hull struggling

Hull FC chairman Adam Pearson has told the Hull Daily Mail that his club will struggle with low attendances.

Gale slams rumours

Luke Gale has slammed what he called “BS” on social media, Serious About Rugby League has revealed.

Swinton sack Littler

Serious About Rugby League has revealed that Swinton have sacked Stuart Littler.

Clubs considering legal action

Rugby League Hub has reported that some Super League clubs could allegedly be considering legal action if promotion to Super League occurs in 2021.

Chester fuming

Chris Chester has told Serious About Rugby League that he believes his side are getting unfairly “punished”.

Lam fuming

Adrian Lam was fuming with referee Robert Hicks following his Wigan side’s loss against Warrington, Serious About Rugby League has revealed.

Williams to make debut

George Williams will make his Leeds debut on Sunday, Leeds Live has reported.

Hodgson believes his side are nearly there

Brett Hodgson says his Hull side “aren’t far off” following defeat over Leeds last night, Serious About Rugby League has written.

Griffin in rehab

Josh Griffin has taken to Instagram to show his recovery on day one of his rehab, Serious About Rugby League has revealed.

New Saints fullback

Saints boss Kristian Woolf has identified a new fullback for 2022 and beyond, Serious About Rugby League has revealed.

Massive funding cuts

British Rugby League could be set to lose as much as £14 million at the end of 2021 due to a reduced Sky Sports deal, according to Rugby League Hub.

Woolf eyes Fages replacement

Kristian Woolf has told Serious About Rugby League that Theo Fages’ halfback replacement is at St Helens already.

Tetevano and COVID

Richard Agar has told Serious About Rugby League about the struggles that Leeds’ Zane Tetevano went through with COVID.

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