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Leading rugby league agent seemingly reveals groundbreaking new Super League structure

The question of where rugby league is heading has been something that has gone unanswered for a number of years now.

The tinkering of structures from licensing to the Middle 8s back to normal promotion and relegation has seemingly frustrated rugby league fans so much so that they do not know whether they are coming or going.

However, with the takeover of IMG, there are set to be a number of huge changes in the way that the game is run.

Leading rugby league agent, Craig Harrison of Show Me The Money UK, has seemingly revealed one of those major changes.

“I’m happy it is gong to franchising, it is time and I don’t think you can do it any other way for players’ futures,” Harrison said on The Full Eighty Minutes podcast.

“Who wants to be a player at Wakefield and Toulouse where three weeks ago you were not knowing if you were going to lose your full-time deal or not.

“We can’t let that happen anymore and we have got to be strong.”

Harrison believes that looking to the example of the NRL shows how it can be done.

“The biggest competition in the world is the NRL and how many leagues have the NRL got? They have got one league and everything they do goes into that.

“They are probably 20x us now, they are the world champions and they do it on one league, I know they’ve got the Queensland and NSW Cup and county but there is one major league.

“We are feeding three leagues here so now it is time to maximise the top end so it becomes that the whole game is bringing it to the top then it will be twice as strong.

“We might need more cap money. There is a debate to be had.”

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