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Last: Sarginson tackle “an absolute shocker”

Andy Last confirmed full-back Jamie Shaul had more than one head injury assessment during Hull’s 28-22 defeat to Salford.

Shaul was hit high by Dan Sarginson during the first half at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, with the Red Devils stand-in full-back shown a yellow card.

Speaking post-match, the Hull coach did not mince his words when asked about the incident.

“Dan Sarginson’s tackle was a shocker, an absolute shocker,” said Last “Jamie has had a couple of H.I.A assessments.

“I am surprised Sarginson was playing anyway because he smoked someone last week, almost knocking a player’s head off in last weeks’ game.

“Jamie was obviously dropping into the tackle but he did not miss him did Sarginson, he got his ten minutes and I thought it was a fairly hefty hit.”

The Hull boss also questioned about the incident that saw Brad Fash penalised for what could be perceived as a ‘cannonball’ tackle on Sebastine Ikahihifo.

Last, however, did not see it that way and defended the actions of his young forward.

He said: “Brad Fash was obviously stood in the tackle. He did come inside of the knee. What he did was he came in the back of the joint of the knee.

“Obviously, the back of the joint, if he came in from the other, yes, it was really dangerous, but he just broke the joint of the knee.

“He did not come in from the side. Sebastine Ikahihifo’s knee bent exactly the way Fash did it.

“I did not think it was as naughty as some I have seen. Yes, it does not look great on the TV but it was into the joint and the joint functionally moves exactly where Brad came from.”

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