Kyle Wood opens up on bizarre Super League debut with Castleford Tigers

Kyle Wood is set for a testimonial after giving over a decade and a half of his life to the sport.

Now with Halifax Panthers, Wood predominately played for Huddersfield Giants and Wakefield Trinity so it’s strange to consider that he made his Super League debut for Castleford Tigers on loan from Huddersfield.

“I actually made my Super League debut with Castleford Tigers against Hull FC. I played five games there and then I got brought back to play for Huddersfield Giants but I definitely remember that yeah,” he said on BBC Radio Leeds as he opened up on a bizarre Super League debut which led to a surprising position switch.

“For some reason, he brought me on at halfback and for the last five or 10 minutes he asked me to play fullback because someone had gotten injured.

“I’d never played fullback before big bomb went up and I was like ‘oh no, what am I doing here?’

“I managed to survive but never played at fullback again.”

As he reflected on his long career, Wood spoke on BBC Radio Leeds about it and revealed who is the best coach of his career.

He has been led by the likes of former Leeds Rhinos boss Richard Agar and the only man to bring silverware to Huddersfield Giants in Super League Paul Anderson, but identified Anderson’s predecessor at Huddersfield as the best coach of his career despite the fact he wasn’t a regular during this period:

“Nathan Brown, that period when I was really young, he taught me a lot. He is obviously regarded as one of the best coaches I suppose but all the coaches have had an impression on me.”

He also had his say on Chris Chester’s brand of rugby at Wakefield:

“Chris Chester enjoyed a brand of rugby, expansive rugby which suited my game. A lot of coaches have different styles that suited my game and others not so suited but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

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