Kyle Amor questions eight point try decision as Warrington beat Salford

Eight point tries are incredibly rare.

However, last night we saw two. The first was decisive as the Warrington Wolves trailed 20-16 to Salford Red Devils Tyler Dupree was deemed to have committed foul play as Josh Thewlis scored.

This was vital as it gave Stefan Ratchford two attempts at goal so when he missed the first one he got a second shot to give the Wolves the lead punishing Marc Sneyd’s earlier miss.

Later in the game Kallum Watkins was scrambling to stop Matt Dufty from scoring but accidently hit him high.

This was also deemed an eight point try but former Warrington man Kyle Amor said on Sky Sports that he wasn’t sure about the decision.

He said: “Matt Dufty is going to ground, you’re talking a fraction of a second. Watkins is trying to cover hard from the inside. He does catch him on the head, that does have to be said but I just don’t think that in our game deems an eight point try. I’m not too sure about that.

“It is just as well that it isn’t the try that ultimately separates the game.

“It is hard. In the letter of the law, he does make contact with the head but the context of how he’s falling to the floor and the fact Watkins is trying to make a cover tackle on his own line, but it is deemed an eight-point try.”

Meanwhile Terry O’Connor was disappointed the skill had gone unnoticed.

“Do you know what, in the letter of the law it is an eight-point try. I would rather put focus on the skill. I think we missed the skill from Peter Mata’utia because we were focusing on the foul from Kallum Watkins. What about the offload. Pure class. In the backrow, that is top drawer.

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