Kyle Amor provides inside story of why things went so wrong for Warrington in 2022

Last year Kyle Amor left behind St Helens to join Warrington Wolves on loan.

The four time Super League Champion seemed set to provide the Wolves with the experience they needed to get their difficult season back on track but unfortunately, Amor said it was “as bad as it could be.”

Amor would explain on The Bench Podcast with Jon Wilkin and Jenna Brooks what went wrong for the Wolves last year explaining the rift that opened up.

Amor said:

“I came to Warrington almost to try and squeeze the last life out of my full time career and when I got here the place was probably as bad as it could be.

“You had a lot of players who were mentally done, they were tired and frustrated. You had a lot of top top quality players who just weren’t playing well. When you’ve got a demotivated and disinterested team that is pretty much just wanting the season out of the way and done with, almost a reset really.

“Powelly came in and wanted a different style and approach and was met head on with a lot of senior players in the side, and that caused a bit of a rift. As time went on players got told they weren’t being kept on which led to egos being dented and those players looking for other clubs. As a player you want to feel loved all the time and when someone doesn’t love you anymore it’s very difficult to keep your head on task.

“It goes this bad that I was counting down the days to finish. I had this conversation with Daryl Powell, he pulled me and asked if I was alright. It must have been pretty obvious that I was moping around and that I was done.”

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