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Kruise Leeming reveals the key motivation behind his NRL switch

Kruise Leeming was thrown straight in at the deep end upon arriving in Australia, making his NRL debut just days after having landed and impressing in doing so as well.

The hooker found himself surplus to requirements at Headingley if you’re to believe his statement in which he references the decision being in the best interests of the coach and club.

However when asked about that head coach Rohan Smith put it back onto Leeming claiming he was the man who instigated the move.

Regardless of how it happened Leeming has now revealed why he’s headed to the NRL in an interview with The Sunday Mail down under.

“I’ve wanted to come to the NRL since I was a kid. That’s always been my end goal.

“When I’ve talked about my dreams and aspirations, the NRL has always been at the top of my list.

“To get the opportunity to do it at 27 is fantastic, it’s perfect timing.”

Leeming is one of many who have made the switch to the NRL but he discussed why the timing was “perfect” and what could make the move stick.

He explained: “At some point in your career you’ve got to back yourself.

“We play a sport without any real security. You sign for two or three years and that’s about it.

“It was the right time for me to back myself. I’m 27 and young enough to take these risks. I’ve not got a family or young kids.

“At some point everyone’s had to back themselves to make a good living out of rugby league. This is my time to do so.

“It is a bit of a risk but it’s a calculated risk and hopefully everything goes well for me.”

With many Englishmen in the NRL cutting their time short due to family issues, it seems that won’t be a problem for Leeming and having impressed on debut he’s got plenty of scope to work on and impress suitors for the 2024 season onwards to which he is currently uncontracted.

“I’m only here until the end of the year at the moment so I’ll be enjoying it for what it is. I can’t look too far ahead at what’s to come. I have to train really hard and make a good account of myself.”

He was also quick to highlight the strength of the NRL relative to Super League, not just in the week to week but also in it’s history as a competition.

“Every week is going to be a tough week, there’s no down weeks. That’s probably the difference between the NRL and Super League.

“In the Super League, the top teams are really good. Then it drops off massively as the table goes down. In the NRL, especially this year, it’s got even tighter than it has in the past.

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