Kruise Leeming explains why he left Huddersfield Giants

Kruise Leeming is one of Leeds Rhinos’ best signings since the end of the golden generation.

But why did he leave Huddersfield Giants to take on a move to Headingley?

Speaking to Tom’s Talk, the number nine explained why he joined the Rhinos:

“Going back to the point of being comfortable and not improving, I got to the stage where I’d been playing Super League for seven or eight years, I’d been in Huddersfield’s system. I’d worked my way up and got a squad number of 31, went down to 28, then 14 and then I got to nine.

“I was 21 or 22 and I’d gone the nine shirt, I felt like I’d made it. I played there for three or four years but then Leeds Rhinos came along and I’d have to fight for my shirt again, people would ask ‘why would you go to another club and fight for your shirt?’

“It’s because of what we spoke about, being uncomfortable. I know if I’d have stayed for another five years then I would have no growth in me as a person or as a player. Going to Leeds it spiralled out again, got the nine shirt, won a Challenge Cup and then got made captain.

This philosophy has in formed his next goal to cement himself as the England number nine: “I want to cement myself in an England shirt, I got a taste of it last year getting my first cap but it’s another step up. I want to be a name that’s regularly mentioned in that England set-up.”

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