Kristian Woolf reveals why England have an advantage in Test Series

Tonga came up short in the second test against England on Saturday meaning they have now lost the series as we head over to Leeds Rhinos and their AMT Headingley Stadium for the third test.

It is a big game for Tonga not just in terms of avoiding a series whitewash but also to sustain their World Ranking with Papua New Guinea breathing down their necks.

However, according to coach Kristian Woolf, Tonga have had things tough throughout the series with a number of things going against them. Some of these were again referenced by Woolf after the defeat in the second test with Woolf noting that the officiating is different to what his side are used to in the NRL.

He said: “So at the end of the day it’s a little bit different over here than what it is in the NRL and it’s something that our blokes need to adjust to.

“We’ve come over here and we were playing under English conditions and I thought we adjusted there a lot better today.

“It’s massive difficulty. When you talk about the ruck, the ruck is so fast and so squeaky clean in Australia that you get penalised there really quickly. It’s different over here.

“When you’re playing 24 rounds and finals under one condition or under one set of rules and then they’re a little bit different, it is hard to change that automatically and that’s part of the challenge and coming over here and playing in different conditions.”

He did state that these challenges excite them as they look ahead to next week at Headingley saying: “The challenge of that is what excites us about coming over here because you know it’s a challenge and you know you’ve got to find different ways to do things and different ways to win games and it’s something we’ve still got a little way to go and we’ll be better at it next week again.”

Opposite number Shaun Wane, who has accused the Tongans of disrespectful comments, is also very keen on making it 3-0 in the final test so we are set for a big game at Headingley.