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Kristian Woolf reveals which St Helens players would make it in the NRL

Kristian Woolf has won it all with St Helens.

The League Leaders’ Shield, the Challenge Cup and the Super League Grand Final – there are no limits to where the Tonga national boss can go as a head coach.

In terms of making a name for himself in the UK, Woolf has thoroughly enjoyed his time here in the country, paying tribute to Super League fans for making the sport ‘memorable.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at the club first and foremost which means my experience has been positive and I have enjoyed everything about the Super League too and being in England.

“There are a lot of things that make it good, but the history and rivalry that comes with that history is outstanding.

“When we played Wigan last week it was a great atmosphere, two crowds who go at each other for 80 minutes like the players. English crowds have a way of getting into the game with the singing and banter. It makes the game over here.

“It makes it exciting and fun to be a part of and a really memorable experience. I think we’ve got a great product over here and at times within the game we tend to downplay that and find the negatives.”

Having said that, Woolf does believe that the entirety of his first-choice 13 players would make it in the NRL, but that Super League is held back by money.

“There are a lot of great clubs and great rivalry within those clubs as well as outstanding players.

“People point at the NRL and I get that and certainly don’t disagree but I think if you go through our team and everyone of our English players in our starting 13 would all be real success stories in the NRL.

“The difference between the two is the depth in Australia is certainly more and that comes from finances and different finances. We are a third of the salary cap of that in the NRL and I would like us to have that salary cap to see how we would compete.

“There is a little bit more attention with how they look after players over there. We have a competition and want to add onto that without thinking about the impact on players.”

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