Kevin Sinfield has heart warming say about son Jack Sinfield and his potential

It is hard for any young player to make their way into Super League but doubly hard when there are high expectations on you.

So we should commend how Jack Sinfield, the son of Leeds Rhinos legend Kevin Sinfield, has handled himself and how coach Rohan Smith has handled the young man.

But now for the first time the legendary Leeds skipper Sinfield has had his say on his son in a heart warming interview on the club’s YouTube channe:

“Yeah, I’m really proud of both of them, in different ways. Actually it was this room, when you invited me in to present him with his debut shirt and I couldn’t get my words out.

“I was so choked up. You want your best for your kids and I want him to chase his dreams, I want
Sam to chase his dreams, and me and Jane will support wherever and however and in which way we can. The fact he wants to be a rugby player, the fact he wants to play for Leeds Rhinos, of course it means a lot to me.

“It’s been his club, his first ever game he was three weeks old and he was at the 2004 Grand Final. As soon as he could start to understand, he was rugby and Rhinos and so to see him, we’re really proud. He knows the journey in front of him he knows how tough it is; he has lived it with me. He’s got a good temperament and he’s worked incredibly hard and he’ll continue to and we’ll see.”