Kevin Sinfield documentary to be aired on BBC this Friday

Kevin Sinfield had endeared himself to every rugby league fan and could potentially do the same for rugby union with his new job as Head of Defence at the English rugby union setup.

As amazing as he was in the game, both as a player and a coach, it’s his attitude and inspiration as a friend and as a team mate that is what most people admire the former Rhinos’ star for.

Since former teammate and best mate, Rob Burrow, announced his diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease, something that he did on national television with Sinfield alongside him, the pair have been almost inseparable.

Sinfield has fundraised through some incredibly physical challenges including his most recent ‘Seven in Seven’ ultra marathon challenge, whilst Burrow has helped hold the government to account and spread awareness of the condition.

On Friday night BBC Two are set to air a show that highlights that marathon challenge in an effort to bring more attention and awareness to Sinfield himself and the selfless act but also to continue to raise awareness regarding MND.

The MND Association, with whom Sinfield has worked very closely, tweeted about the programme being scheduled for Friday at 7pm.

Receiving such a primetime television slot it should hopefully draw in some huge audience viewing figures in order for the message of Sinfield’s incredible inspiring message to be seen, and hopefully repeated with others having the potential to fundraise themselves.

One occasion when they could fundraise would be at the Leeds Marathon that has been named in honour of Rob Burrow and that’s who Sinfield will run the marathon with as he’s set to push his best mate around the course.

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