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Kevin Brown wants to see this replace England vs France

England take on France this week but many are not excited by the prospect sadly.

Thus, former Warrington Wolves and Wigan Warriors man Kevin Brown has suggested an alternative especially given that England coach Shaun Wane named such a massive 40-man squad.

He has proposed the return of Yorkshire vs Lancashire in a concept to rival State of Origin.

Brown explained on BBC Five Live: “How good would it be to watch if they split that squad into two 20s and we did a Lancashire Yorkshire?

“Then that gives Shaun Wane a look, it gives the recognition to all the players and whilst the players in this group are great I’m not sure they’re better than some of the older players not in the squad. This would let him play the best vs the best and then those that play the best would get to play against France. Then we’re building something, I would love to watch Lancashire Yorkshire. If we did it proper and stuck at it then it would be massive.”

Then Leeds Rhinos legend Jamie Jones-Buchanan explained how the audience is likely there for it given the crowds in Rivals Round:

“We’ve just had rivalries round and we had record crowds, it’s all about the narrative. Nothing was different to normal Super League, it’s all about the stories. I completely agree with what Kev is saying, if you have mate against mate and have Yorkshire vs Lancashire which is historical.

“You don’t have to get our mind in a twist talking about geography and where you were born, just stick your banners to a mast. Say Kai Pearce-Paul, he was born in London but he plays for Wigan so he can play for Lancashire. Then we just crack on. It’s all about alliances and allegiances.

“Once we’ve got it then we just build it and in time people will buy into it. There’s not enough consistency, that’s why it’s not worked before.”

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