Kevin Brown suggests radical solution to Wigan Warriors’ big problem

Wigan Warriors have an interesting situation.

They don’t know where to start their star players in the shape of Jai Field and Bevan French and also have to find someone to start at stand-off.

This was a problem raised by one of their former players Kevin Brown.

“I think if Matty Peet puts Bevan back on the wing and they get that side balanced again as it was at the start of the year because I think it’s caused so many headaches, with the injury to Field and then French playing so well, it’s actually gone against them,” he said on BBC Five Live.

He then suggested a radical solution:

“I think Shorrocks did a great job. I think Shorrocks is an unbelievable defender and  I think the lacking defensively at the minute.

“You don’t see Wigan concede 40 points and then 36 points the week after. I think he’ll make them that much tighter defensively.

“You play a Jai Field at full-back and Bevan French on the wing, we’ve already seen that works then if he likes Cust at nine then keep him there but if he wants him at six I just think you need to balance someone who can just be steady, organise a side with Harry Smith and let them do the thing out wide.

“But defensively, Jai Field got caught out at the weekend and Bevan just looked like he was doing his best, but he didn’t look like a six to me.”