Kevin Brown slams Super League side as “toothless”

Kevin Brown has described Castleford Tigers as toothless.

The Tigers have won just two games this season and struggled for points.

He stated on BBC Five Live: “At the moment, they look toothless. I just think they need some more players like Broadbent who have got energy and are willing to run the ball and put everything into the jersey.”

He also warned that they could be under pressure if Wakefield Trinity get wins:

“There is pressure and that pressure will multiply because everyone’s already relegated Wakefield.

“So for Wakefield, if they can drag Cas into it, the pressure goes through the roof for Cas, because they’ve not been in that discussion. It’s been a case of ‘Wakefield are that bad and they’re going down’.

“I think Wakefieldwill win a couple of games and I think they’ll strengthen back into the season my worry for Cas is that they just look old they look aged.

“When you say classy Cas they always had energy and you went to the Jungle and I remember Daryl Clarke coming through as a young lad, Paul McShane, Gale and Hardaker. You always had energy and attack.

“At the minute, they don’t look too hard to beat and that is never a trait that Castleford have had.”