Kevin Brown slams “poor” Super League side

Leeds Rhinos have had a very up and down season.

But despite this Kevin Brown has branded them as “poor.”

Leeds have beaten some of the top teams but that doesn’t change Brown’s opinion especially with the Rhinos beaten by some of the strugglers this season too.

“They’re poor. I listened to Rohan Smith’s comments after the game and he said they had been performing quite well and if that’s quite well, I know they’ve played some good sides and it’s been very close, but yesterday wasn’t. That was poor,” he said on BBC Five Live.

“It was a close game but if they’d been better than poor then they’d have won that game.

“When they were up by 10 points I thought the game management lacked any respect for the ball. Defensively they weren’t great but they look like they’re playing as individuals.

“I’ve already heard a couple of times that there’s been arguing in the tunnel and there’s been players getting at each other in games, and that’s okay at times because it happens at every club, but it’s happening every week.

“I saw it again yesterday, Blake Austin gave an almighty spray to Jarod O’Connor when Jarod carried the ball and gave him it late.

“It just seems unsettled there and I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re not performing and not finishing games, because they’re not a tight knit group.”