Kevin Brown goes in on “clueless” Super League side

Wakefield Trinity are still yet to win a game.

This is why Kevin Brown was asked on BBC Five Live if they’re the worst team in Super League history.

When asked this he slammed their attack saying they’re clueless with the ball.

“Well, they definitely got the worst attack. I’ve never seen a team as clueless with a ball in hand,” he said on BBC Five Live.

“When Leigh went down to 11 men today, you expected that there would be some threat, but there wasn’t. It almost looked like Lee still had players over and Wakefield were missing players.

“There was just no continuity in the halves, there was no threat with the ball at all and you know they were they were lucky to get four points at the end of the game but it was well over and that’s been a thing that’s happened all year.

“They’ve lacked points and 12 out of 15  games in league and cup they’ve failed to score in the first half and if that’s not a sign that you are one of the worst sides, if not the worst.

“It’s clear to see they need some change, they need it big and they need it quick because Cas have won this weekend which is also a dagger in the heart.

“No, they didn’t look like scoring and as soon as Nisbet came back out, it went from bad to worse.

“Leigh actually scored the next points and you knew then that even when they got over the line a couple of times, it was Tom Lineham, he had an opportunity and he was held up, Josh Charnley with the scramble defence, then he played the ball and he looked like he’s over the line and he drops the ball.”