Kevin Brown claims star signing let his side down last week

Last week Wakefield Trinity came close to their first win last week against league leaders Warrington Wolves.

However, a red card saw their chances evaporate and thus Kevin Brown says Kevin Proctor let them down last week.

“Yeah it was and then Kevin Proctor let them down. It was a high tackle on Matty Ashton, he got his technique wrong and he had to walk,” he said on The Last Tackle.

“From there it nose dived but I think this is a positive for Wakefield. Three tries in a game is very rare for a Wakefield side and doing it away against potentially the best team in the competition so far.

“You’ve got to say that’s a step forward. Although they’ve lost another game and they won’t be happy, it’s definitely green shoots of improvement.”

Tonight Wakefield will be hoping for something different and will be hoping potential debutant Luke Gale will deliver against his former club.

Brown is not so sure:

“Well he can and it’s probably the hardest game for Luke because he was a former Hull FC player so they’ll know all his attributes and all his weaknesses. They’ll go after him.

“Hull are riding high, they’ve got Jake Trueman back but if Wakey can replicate what they started to do against Warrington and now get anyone sent off, get a good feeling around the place then who knows?”

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