Kevin Brown calls on Super League sides to copy rugby union concept

On Friday night Rhyse Martin, one of the best goalkickers in Super League, missed the chance to win a block buster against St Helens as the Leeds Rhinos star pulled his penalty shot short.

Kevin Brown has now said that rugby league should copy rugby union with specialist goal kickers to deal with situations like this.

“I think the kicking it used to make me pull me earn out when you know you’d have lads practicing short dropouts or you know just messing around after training rather than actually working on something that is a fundamental skill for them,” he said on BBC Five Live.

“I think sometimes it’s not just the goal kicking after the try, it’s obviously the penalty kicks as well, when sometimes you look and they think, no, I’ve not that in me.

“In rugby union they have a couple of kickers, they sometimes have a specialist goal kicker for longer distance. I think that is something definitely that rugby league, if they could have that tool in the back pocket for a close game.

“The same with drop goals. I don’t think drop goals is something that people practice. I was guilty of that. Look, Mark Sneyd and Danny Brough and players like that, they’re naturally very good but I don’t think it’s a skill that people actually work on.”

Graham Steadman added: “Whether it be a two-point win or a cushion to give them an eight point lead within the space of 10 minutes for the 70th minute for example. I think it’s certainly something they can have a good look at.”

“If you win by two points, I’d rather have that than have a golden point situation and the pressure’s on. And then touching back on what Kevin’s mentioned, the importance of the drop goal, surely they’ve got to practice little drills and systems.

“When faced with that scenario, they’ve then practiced it, pre-rehearsed it. When the pressure’s on, they know exactly what their odds are within that point being scored.

“Let’s not forget in recent times there’s been some massive, massive finals won on one-point wins. Dodd springs to mind straight away.”