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Kevin Brown admits to crazy prank on former teammate for the first time

Kevin Brown enjoyed a long career at a number of top clubs.

The halfback played for Wigan Warriors, Huddersfield Giants, Widnes Vikings, Warrington Wolves and Salford Red Devils.

He thus has plenty of stories from his long career and shared one of his pranks where Sky Sports pundit Brian Carney was the victim:

“I remember a pre-season camp in 2002, Wigan took us to Cyprus and there was a lot of senior players so me and Luke Robinson were sharing a room together and we were a bit wet behind the ears.

“The banter started and it started with the glass getting Tabasco on the top and the kitman was in on it but anyway Brian Carney and Kris Radlinski were the roommates next door.

“It was, ‘how are you lads?’ and we’re thinking that they’re looking after us. ‘What room you in?’ and we’d tell them and come back from training and there’d be crisps on our bed, dirt here and stuff would start going so after three or four days we thought we’d have to stand up.

“We spoke to some of the lads and they said it was them two so I thought ‘we’re going to get these’.

“We got their key card and went in and we just trashed the place, there was tooth paste all over, we threw the kit everywhere and mixed everything up.

“As we were walking out we looked into the bathroom and Brian’s shorts were hung up, he was out with a hamstring injury at the time and there was loads of Ralgex cream.

“So we loaded his kegs up with this Ralgex and 10 minutes later we got this bang, bang, bang on the door and they gave us a dressing down like we’d never had before.

“The next day at training and we’d forgot about the shorts and Brian was running around, I heard him screaming and he tipped the tub of Lucozade out and had his bum and nether regions in it.

“I’ve still never told him. I denied it, I said to him ‘we called a truce, we’ve been set up’ so yeah that was quite funny.”

Then Wilkin jokingly asked: “Why would you admit it now?

Brown answered: “Well I feel like I could take him now, he’s an old man.”

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