Ken Davy gives salary cap update, but wants the Grand Final to be more “readily achievable” by all clubs

If there was one impression which Ken Davy left in his interview to the media following the renegotiation of the Sky deal, it was the desire for Super League to be a more level-playing field.

Of course, having been the owner of Huddersfield Giants since the creation of the summer game, Davy will be keen to see the likes of his club and other underdogs make their way to Old Trafford, especially when considering that only four sides have ever lifted the Super League trophy.

“I do have an ambition to see the potential for the Grand Final to be more readily achievable by all the Super League clubs,” Davy said.

“But, achieving that is more difficult than talking about it; it was hoped that the salary cap would be a factor in levelling out the playing field, but it doesn’t actually seemed to have made the dramatic difference we all hoped.

“It may just be that some clubs are better than others!

“Plus, adding clubs in because you think it will look better is not really a solution, we need to have the matches and players that makes it attractive.”

Though Davy spoke out against the effectiveness of the salary cap, the businessman does not recommend tweaking the ruling.

“The salary cap is decided by the clubs themselves I believe and I’m not aware of any pressure on the salary cap at this moment in time.

“Whether changes do occur for 2022 and 2023 we will have to see, but I’m not aware of any plans in the pipeline.”

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