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Keith Mason explains the advantage Will Pryce and Jack Sinfield have as he hopes to provide the same

Keith Mason’s son Lukas is on the cusp of following in the footsteps of Will Pryce of Huddersfield Giants and Jack Sinfield of Leeds Rhinos, and making his Super League debut as the Wigan Warriors youngster is set to emulate his father.

This week, Keith Mason has spoken to Serious About Rugby League including about Lukas’ development at Wigan and his role within it.

“To be honest, a few years ago Lukas came to live with me. He was a skinny kid back then, he was gangly, he was skinny and tall. He was always tough and he was always going to get his size when he got older,” he said.

“I had him for three and a half years, I did mentor him because I missed some time with him because of personal reasons so when I got him, he’s grown six inches upwards and put on four or five stone.

“The great thing about being a father is watching what your kids do, that’s the essence of life.

“I trained with him every day after school, we travelled every day to Wigan, I was with him. He would train and I would run half marathons around Wigan, down the Wigan canal.

“I was very hands on with him but I’m not a pushy parent. He’s my son first of all and I love him because he’s my son.

“Rugby side of things is something he’s always loved, he has progressed and he can go all the way, he can be a superstar.

“I truly believe that, I’m not saying that because he’s my son. He’s an outstanding player now and even Matty Peet is talking to him.”

He believes that his understanding of Super League gives Lukas a little advantage and that it is the same for the likes of Pryce and Sinfield:

“If he keeps working hard and doing what he’s doing, I’m always a phone call away. He rings me up for advise. I ask him about all of his sessions.

“I think, like all the other lads who have dads who have played Super League have a little advantage over someone who doesn’t because we’ve been in there and give them pointers about how to run and get on your front because it’s about one percents.

“He doesn’t have many errors in his game, and I feel like I had to go through that to show him that.

“Wigan have been fantastic. I didn’t realise how close the family thing is there with Kris Radlinski and the whole team.”

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