Keighley owners say the big clubs are the reason TV money in the sport has gone down

Keighley Cougars have been vocal in their opposition of the IMG proposals.

Now their owners have stated that they believe the proposals favour the current 12 Super League teams.

They also said that the 12 have failed the sport and are the reason the TV money has gone down.

“They have gone and made this formula on a computer claiming its all data driven and it is totally ignoring the fact that sport is about fairness, competition and opportunity. They want to take it all a way,” Cougars owners Ryan O’Neill and Kaue Garcia said on BBC Radio Leeds.

“Why would we, when it comes into force, why would we invest in a squad and spend our money and stress about everything only for us to finish top and get a medal and then a slap on the back.

“It is pointless. It takes away all the enthusiasm and the drive to get to the top.

“We 100% agree that the sport needs to improve, what we have done since 2019 shows that, we have been one of the most progressive clubs since then.

“We don’t agree with this criteria because it is simply going to protect current 12 clubs who have failed the sport.

“The reason Sky money has gone down is because those 12 clubs haven’t been delivering the product and Sky want a change and this change they are proposing protects those 12 clubs.”

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