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Keighley Cougars reveal new stance on IMG proposals

Keighley Cougars stood against IMG’s proposals and were more outspoken against them than anyone else.

The club’s owners have now made an interesting statement about IMG at a fan Q and A event.

They have said that though the fight was worth fighting they will now make the most of the IMG proposals:

“No, the IMG fight was worth fighting. The club will now back the IMG proposals, but our view remains that long term I don’t think the proposed changes will work. We stuck our neck out and we got battered for it, but I am proud we stood by our values. Robert Hicks, head of legal at RFL visited recently and we assured him we will make the best of it – we lost the argument, and we accept that.”

The club could be in a stronger position with the development of a new stand set to begin:

“There is a lot going on behind the scenes in relation to pre-planning reports, surveys etc. There haven’t been any objections to date Provided the planning passes without difficulty, then the last day of the season the stand will start to come down.

“Essentially there will be 2 months where no one can come to the ground whilst the demolition takes place. The estimated time to complete is 10-12 months. We will look to build a temporary stand on the East Terrace.

“It’s going to be 3 floors and the roof of the new stand will come to the height of the current floodlights so it’s significantly higher and will go as far back as the cricked club fence.”

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