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Keighley Cougars owner reacts to IMG vote

Today IMG’s proposals to rugby league were voted in by a near 90% majority.

Six clubs voted against these proposals and one club that everyone knew was going to vote against the changes is of course Keighley Cougars who have been open about their opposition for some time.

Speaking today immediately after the vote, Keighley owner Kaue Garcia said:

“We’re obviously disappointed that the vote went through but it’s something to be proud of that we as a club pushed the information out there for everyone to see.

“I think part of the issue was that we were just being drop fed information, it wasn’t really clear. We had clubs saying that not enough information was provided and all the fundamentals and the benchmarks haven’t yet been revealed.

“I think me and Ryan are proud that we stood against it but I think history now will decide if it’s the right thing for the sport. I do really hope that it doesn’t kill the ambition and opportunity for clubs who are left out of Super League, because that’s the fear.

“If we as a club did everything we could on the field but then wouldn’t be allowed into Super League so I really hope it doesn’t kill the ambition of all the 24 clubs in Championship and League One.”

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