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Karl Pryce reveals the two changes he wants IMG to make to Super League

Jack Sinfield was one of Leeds Rhinos' more experienced players in what was a very young squad.

IMG are set to re-imagine rugby league in the coming years but what changes should they make?

They have already said they will introduce licencing, increase the number of international fixtures, decrease the number of Super League fixtures and end the Magic Weekend.

This week, Karl Pryce spoke to Serious About Rugby League and revealed the other things IMG need to do in his opinion.

“My biggest thing is just market the game and the players as hard and much as you can. I don’t think there’s that much wrong with the game: people are like we need to change this and that, not really the game is fantastic,” he said.

“It’s one of the best things you can watch on TV especially when you get a good game.”

The big change he wants to see though is about academies. He said:

“If you can do that and try and get the talent pool up and that starts with academies. I’d make it so all clubs have to have academies. Scholarship, under 18s, I would scrap under 19s and back to the alliance like it used to be where you’re allowed to play so many first teamers.

“For me, how many players, this is why I worry about players developing. If you’re not ready by 17 or 18, where do you go?

“You look at players like Walmsley, who took a little bit longer to develop, Jamie Peacock another late bloomer.

“If he didn’t have the opportunity to play reserves he could have stayed at Stanningley. Kids need to be given a little bit longer because boys, you’re not turning into a man until 22 or 23.

“They have this talent and it’s just wasted. Some go to the Championship but some don’t.

“This way you give them longer and allow them to play against men because they’re not playing against men.

“When I was coming through, I’d play under 18s and the reserves and I’d play both and I was playing against men like against St Helens and I had Stuart Fielden playing with me because he was coming back from injury and you were playing against the likes of Maurie Fa’asavalu. You were playing against men.

“That was crucial for my development so I didn’t have to go on loan or need to go to Batley or Dewsbury on dual reg and this way you learn the right system.”

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