Kai Pearce-Paul reveals conversation which convinced him to leave Wigan Warriors to take on NRL opportunity

Kai Pearce-Paul, like others before him and of course Huddersfield Giants star Will Pryce, is headed to the NRL in 2024.

The Wigan Warriors backrow / centre will join the Newcastle Knights on a two-year deal from 2024.

Moving to the NRL is always a tough task, not least because of the calibre of player down under.

But what makes it tougher is potential home sickness which has seen the likes of Warrington Wolves star George Williams return after a brief stint in the NRL.

Kai Pearce-Paul opened up on the potential emotional toll of moving away but doesn’t think it will be a problem when talking to the Daily Telegraph:

“As a parent, you want your kids to do the best they can. She wants me to aim for the highest. She will miss me though — she calls me most days.

“I am sure she will come out when she can. I am sure she will love the country as well. She is my world, my mum.

“She helps me with everything, she is a great person. She just wanted me to reach as high as I could.

“I am at the point now especially this season where I don’t have to go home – it is lovely to see them and every time I see them I really enjoy it, but I don’t feel the need to go and see mum,” he said.

“Now I feel like I am a lot more independent. This is almost like the next step, being in a different time zone. I know my family will be there for me wherever I am in the world.

“I know Newcastle will look after me as well.”

He also opened up on his love for Wigan as a club as he explained why he left, noting a conversation with his mum that convinced him to take on the opportunity: “I love Wigan, I love every minute I am there. It is a great club and great people. When this opportunity came up this time round, my mum said to me do you think you can give it a go.

“She always wanted me to be the best I can really be.”

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