Kai Pearce-Paul likens Wigan Warriors man to NRL star as he expresses excitement over playing with him

Kai Pearce-Paul has played with some superb players during his time at Wigan Warriors as well as during his time in the England set up during the Rugby League World Cup.

However, in 2024 he will have the chance to play against and alongside NRL stars including State of Origin star Kayln Ponga who Pearce-Paul has likened to Wigan’s Jai Field as he expressed excitement over the chance to play alongside him.

“Having someone like KP is something you can dream of as an offloader really,” he said to the Daily Telegraph.

“I know this year at Wigan, Jai Field was all over the place. There would be times when I wouldn’t even see him, he would just call and I would throw it.

“He would be straight onto it. I like playing with players who are active and love an offload.”

The lifestyle in Newcastle also appealed. Pearce-Paul is a rugby league rarity in that he hails from London, a city dominated by soccer and rugby union.

He also gave an assessment of what he himself will bring to the club: “Hard worker, big presence, I want to be someone who makes an impact, someone who is physical and can make a difference to a game.

“That is what I want them to expect from me. Off the field, I am a pretty nice guy. For me, it is just challenging myself and trying to become the best player I can, and have the best career I can, and make the biggest impact on the sport that I can as well.”

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Robert Owen
Robert Owen
1 month ago

Not the finished article but great potential which hopefully be honed in the NRL