‘Just casually trying to break my legs’ – Doncaster’s Connor Robinson hit with two-footed tackle in Challenge Cup fixture

Rugby league is a tough sport, so injuries are a part and parcel of the game.

However, one occasion from the weekend stood out for the absurd nature of one particular tackle.

Connor Robinson plays for Doncaster RLFC in League 1, and, in the Challenge Cup Second Round at the weekend, the halfback was subjected to a rather unconventional tackle from one his opponents from the Thornhill Trojans.

In fact, Robinson was so appalled that he took to Twitter to display his frustration at the incident not even being penalised.

The former Halifax and York star tweeted: “I’m all for playing a contact sport but have a day off not even a penalty just casually trying to break my leg.”

Doncaster ended up winning the game 24-6, progressing to the Third Round of the Challenge Cup after beating the Trojans who gave them such a close-run tie in last year’s competition.

The Dons. have yet to kick off their League 1 campaign, but will be hoping for promotion after a disappointing end to their season in 2021.

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