Josh Reynolds speaks about special friendship he made whilst at Hull FC

After 18 months at Hull FC, Josh Reynolds returned to Canterbury Bulldogs on a train and trial contract for 2023.

The club where he started a great friendship with St Helens legend James Graham, he appeared on Graham’s podcast the Bye Round.

During which he revealed the Hill FC star he now considers as one of his best friends.

The man in question is veteran prop Scott Taylor.

“He is one of the best, he knows everything in Hull,” Reynolds said of Taylor.

“That first year in Hull when I was my own man, he knew everything.”

He then went on to tell a story about a crisis chat on one Monday morning, “We had a crisis chat once Monday, I was hung as coming in and I walk over he [Scott Taylor] calls me over and says ‘get in the car’ says ‘man what are you doing?’

“He’ll look after you. He’ll look after you till the cows come home.”

His friendship with Taylor seems to really relish: “That’s a friendship that I made out in England.

“He’s quite far away, he loves NFL, we chat constantly.

“At the end I was getting rid of all my stuff, he was helping me. He’s a legend mate. He’s got a testimonial this year.”

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