Josh McGuire “staggered” response to mammoth ban and fine

On Tuesday night, Warrington Wolves star signing Josh McGuire was found guilty of a Grade F offence of having said something that would discriminate against the disabled and was classed as “unacceptable language.”

He was given a seven match ban and a £100o fine.

At the tribunal, McGuire pleaded not guilty and pointed out that he himself had a disability having lost sight in his eye and had worked with Warrington’s PDRL team.

Nonetheless, he was still found guilty and was left “staggered” by the outcome according to the RFL’s minutes:

“Josh McGuire addressed the Tribunal and said he was staggered with the outcome. His image and reputation would be shattered due to the decision. He currently volunteers in the local community and would continue to do so.

“Karl Fitzpatrick (Warrington CEO) confirmed that McGuire had worked with the club’s Foundation since his arrival in December. He was active in the local community and worked with schools and veterans. He added that McGuire has a disability himself and referenced other previous cases where he felt players received lesser suspension than the proposed Grade F charge which starts a 6-matches.

“Daryl Powell added that McGuire was adamant he has not said the word he had been accused of and that he has a disability himself.”

However, McGuire’s stance that he didn’t say what he was accused of worked against him with the RFL noting that he didn’t have the “credit” of admitting his wrong doing and therefore was punished more harshly.

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