Josh McGuire punishment breaks RFL punishment structure

Last week Warrington Wolves star Josh McGuire was “referred for further investigation” after he was cited for “unacceptable language.”

Yesterday it was confirmed that McGuire could face a huge ban for this offence.

This came as he was charged by the Match Review Panel this week with a Grade F charge.

He was referred to a tribunal tonight and was hit with a huge 12 match ban.

McGuire was suspended for a huge seven games after a red card in pre-season against Leigh Leopards in which he was deemed to have used unacceptable language.

It has also been revealed that McGuire entered a not guilty plea at the tribunal which started at 19:30 but the results were only released at 22:00.

Alongside his 12-match ban, McGuire was also fined £1000.

This breaks the RFL’s punishment structure. Super League players are fined a set amount of £250 which can be doubled for a Grade F offence.

However, it was quadrupled in McGuire’s case.

There is a possibility the panel determined that there were two reasons he should be fined.

The RFL’s website reads:

“In the event that Player is found guilty of multiple Offences, a fine should ordinarily be imposed for each Offence.

“In the case of Players found guilty of a Grade E offence then the fine will be a 1.5 multiple of the amount listed. If a Player is found guilty of a Grade F offence, the fine imposed will be double the amount listed in the structure above.”

The fine structure can be seen as follows:

Level Fine – Match Review Panel Fine – Tribunal
Scholarship £0 £0
Championship Reserve/Academy £25 £25
Super League Reserve/Academy £25 £50
League One £40 £75
Championship £125 £250
Super League £250 £250