Josh Charnley slams Adrian Lam’s comments

The biggest talking point of Warrington’s win over Wigan last night has spilled over into today, with Josh Charnley taking aim of Adrian Lam’s comments made after the game.

Lam had claimed that Wigan winger Liam Marshall had been kicked in the head by Charnley, with Jake Mamo then running the length of the field.

“In my opinion the player was kicked in the head,” Lam said.

“Whether it was accidental or not – obviously it was accidental – defeats the purpose, it was a penalty.

“Where we are with welfare and injuries, I thought it was disgraceful we didn’t pull that up.

“Fair enough that it plays on and goes to the end, that’s not the part I’m disappointed at, it’s the fact that at any stage, it was clear he was knocked out.”

However, Charnley has since taken to Twitter to respond emphatically:

Last night’s victory consolidated Warrington’s spot in third in the Super League table, with Wigan still consigned to fifth.

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