Josh Charnley fires up Wigan supporters

If there was one moment that stood out from the Magic Weekend, it was George Williams crossing against his former team.

The Warrington halfback had a long-running transfer saga that involved rejecting Wigan after leaving the Canberra Raiders back in the NRL for homesickness reasons.

Williams joined the Wolves earlier in the year, but this was his first performance against his boyhood club in front of the fans.

And, what a stage to do it on – the halfback crossed to make it 10-0 for Warrington and having been booed for most of the opening exchanges by supporters that once adored him, Williams certainly fired up the Wigan crowd even more.

His celebration – where he cupped his ear towards the Warriors fans – was met with raucous boos, but now teammate and former Wigan star Josh Charnley has also waded into the debate.

Charnley posted the photo of Williams celebrating in front of the Wigan supporters on his Instagram page, stirring the pot even further.

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