Jon Wilkin wants to see this make a return to Super League

Jon Wilkin is one of the best pundits around because he always has an opinion and he always backs it up on air.

Wilkin has now called for something to change in rugby league.

he wants the return of cheerleaders, dance troops and bands to rugby league believing that Leigh Leopards’ pre-match entertainment is the standard setter.

“There’s no downside to that is there? We’re creating a great experience for families,” Wilkin said on The Bench podcast.

“Off the bench for me is cheerleaders or pre-match entertainment or bands or dance troupes.

“I’m talking about pre-match entertainment. I think we should just do it better. Do more of it. Be more extravagant with it.

“The biggest one for me was when Leigh started with Scouting for Girls, so  Scouting for Girls were on and then and then the next time we went it was an Elvis impersonator. It was good, but where do we go from there?”

We have seen similar things from Warrington Wolves and other clubs this year but it is true that there seems to be less of it these days than in the past but IMG’s re-imagining of the sport has prompted some to have a rethink.

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