Jon Wilkin wants Super League to copy the NFL

There is always talk about the video referee and the processes around the decision making in Super League.

But now Jon Wilkin of Sky Sports has made an interesting suggestion on The Bench podcast.

Wilkin suggested rugby league copy American Football and emulate the way the officials in the NFL communicate decisions to the crowd at the game though he did admit that listening to the officials on Sky is “pretty dull TV.”

“You know we have referees, when we make a video referee decision on TV you can hear what the video ref is saying and we all tune in and we all listen and everybody is listening.” Wilkin said.

“It’s pretty dull TV, but at least he’s explaining what he’s doing.

“I was watching the NFL last year and I was thinking how good is it when the referee cuts through everything, comes over the tannoy and is like ‘defensive lineman number 12. Holding. 10 yard penalty’.

“That would be so good in rugby league, because everybody in the grounds, and the referees are maybe not the most consistent bunch of people, everybody in the ground would know exactly what the decision was. It would just come through the tannoy”