Jon Wilkin says Warrington fans will blame officials for defeat to Wigan Warriors

Jon Wilkin has suggested that Warrington Wolves fans will be aggrieved by the referee’s performance as their unbeaten start to the season came to an end against Wigan Warriors last night.

He was by no means critical of Chris Kendall’s performance in a big game but felt that Warrington fans may feel differently even if that isn’t a fair reflection of the game in his opinion.

He said on Sky Sports: “If I was a Warrington fan, I am trying to get into the head of a really serious Warrington fan, you know a season ticket holder, I think they go away aggrieved with the referee tonight for a couple of reasons.

“The first being Wigan slowed the ruck down to an almost painful pace. I am not trying to say that is a fair reflection of the game but I feel like that is what a Warrington fan might feel.

“We have to be balanced, I think Wigan got the better of it in terms of the ruck and have really dominated teams in that area and just pushing that rule to the limit.

“And that try at the end will leave Warrington fans walking away maybe with that in their back pocket thinking the referee did us in.”

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