Jon Wilkin says Shaun Wane made England an “entertaining young side”

Jon Wilkin has had his say on Shaun Wane’s England contract being extended until the next World Cup.

This decision was made after a review into the England set up after their semi-final defeat to Samoa at the last World Cup in November.

Wilkin spoke on Sky Sports today about the decision saying that he felt that the review had more knowledge of what Wane had done at England and therefore backed the decision.

He also said that Wane had made England an “entertaining young team.”

“I had no idea really, if there was a thorough analysis of the World Cup it will have been done by the governing body and the relevant people,” Wilkin said.

“They will know much more than us about the impact he has had as coach of England.

“There’s not been much information about how they came to this decision. I will say this, they came up with four or five really good performances, really entertaining with a young side.

“That semi-final aside it was all good. If they’d have won that semi-final, it would be different.

“I did predict that Samoa would beat England we do predictions all the time and people pull me up when I’m wrong but this time I was right.”

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