Sky pundit says game was “snatched from St Helens”

Jon Wilkin has said that tonight’s game was snatched from St Helens as they lost to Leeds Rhinos 25-24.

This came as he highlighted two big calls that went against the World Champions with Sam Walters not punished for what he felt was a shoulder charge and Konrad Hurrell sent off shortly after.

“Snatched from St Helens,” Wilkin said of the game.

“Big moments, a huge game, massive moments, none bigger than Blake Austin’s drop goal.

“Let’s not get away from the big talking point which was Sam Walters and Konrad Hurrell, those two decisions.”

Wilkin gave his assessment of the Hurrell incident suggesting that Myler stayed down to win the penalty:

“Richie Myler is not daft but if he has been hit late, Konrad Hurrell has hit him in the chin but that’s the kind of thing that goes unnoticed, that is something that doesn’t get picked up if you stay down.

“If you stay down, in the game of rugby league unfortunately that gets scrutinised.

“Konrad Hurrell has dropped his levels and put a shot on Richie Myler and just catches Richie Myler on the chin.

“He knows that if he stays down it will get looked at, if knows that if he stays down it will be looked at.

“I mean in contrast to the Walters challenge.

“Sam Walters stays on for a shoulder charge, Konrad Hurrell is off for a late challenge, it is massive. It is a massive call.”

Earlier he had described the decision to not penalise Walters as “a shocker.”

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17 days ago

I’m sure there’s plenty of space for Jon “fill the silence with rubbish” Wilkin on the same refs course with Phil ” It’s easy to say all this from up here” Clarke.