Jon Wilkin says he ‘didn’t enjoy’ criticising “pathetic” Warrington Wolves in 2022

Jon Wilkin had been one of Warrington Wolves’ harshest critics in 2022 after they slumped to their worst ever Super League finish off 11th.

Going into 2023, he routinely likened them to Paul Pogba’s efforts at Manchester United labelling them a “flop” and “lethargic.”

He said their was big pressure on them and coach Daryl Powell but that pressure resulted in a huge opening day win as they ploughed through Leeds Rhinos.

He has now said on the Sky Sports Super League Round Up that he didn’t enjoy saying what he did about the Wolves, but insisted they were “pathetic” however believes the pressure that built led to them starting the season so well.

He said: “It didn’t fill me with much joy but last year all I had to do was criticise Warrington because they were poor. They produced just a pathetic effort last year, they finished second bottom and they were rubbish all year. They just didn’t get going ever.

“It’s weird the first game of the season we’re talking about pressure about how much time the coach has got, and all that conversation is going on in just round one.

“For Warrington to come out and really put one on Leeds and beat Leeds so comfortably, I thought being under pressure to do that maybe sent off a message to rest of the competition.”

He was also particularly impressed by the two Hull teams who both won over the weekend:

“When you go around the rest of the league I thought Hull FC’s performance was tidy, in fact I grew up in East Hull so I took particular delight in Hull KR getting one over Wigan.”

However, his favourite moment was seeing Derek Beaumont’s leopard print blazer:

“Probably the standout moment though, for those of you haven’t seen the Leigh Leopards’ owner Derek Beaumont, or you don’t know anything about him. Have a look at the jacket he wore to the opening game for Leigh.

“He wore a leopard print jacket with a leopard on the back, Leigh have obviously rebranded to the leopards. It was two LED lights in the eyes short of being the worst jacket I have ever seen, and I work with Bryan Carney and Terry O’Connor so I see bad jackets weekly.”

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